Cosentino C100 – The King Is Dead…

The famed Cosentino C100 – the king of stone industry conferences – is dead. But if you’re silently sobbing into your laptop as you read these words… Questioning what all the hard work is for now there’s no exclusive event invite to work towards…  Dry your eyes. Because in 2022, Cosentino has elevated the old […]

Working wet, are they really safe?

(from this site – couple of weeks ago I spoke at an event in Florida about water recycling and dust handling. A great crowd who were generally surprised by the level of dust in the water in many shops. Whilst on site I was watching the hand polishers work and the morning […]

New year, new directions !

Gerry and I are incredibly pleased to announce that effective January 1 2021, Doug Jackson from Athens Tennessee has joined the global Stone Industry Group as our Chief Technical Officer for North America Doug Jackson earned his degree in electronics engineering in 1994 and has owned a successful business for more than 20 years.  Through […]

Record breaking install in Seattle

(from this site –   After arriving from Jamaican quarantine at 2 am this morning, I was on site at 7 at this customer who had the machine delivered a couple of weeks ago. Once there, within minutes we had the silo stood up and in its correct and final position. Connecting all the […]

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