Threading a needle in Michigan

(from this site –   We often get difficult jobs with many fabricators in the stone industry having limited space, but yesterday was particularly challenging. A small space to begin with made more difficult by the addition of a crane adjacent since our machine was ordered. Thankfully the riggers were brilliant, positive and funny […]

Wet wet wet

(from this site –’ve had a busy last couple of weeks in North America, with Gerry and I visiting clients and closing orders in Seattle, Paso Robles, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Nashville, Charlotte, Miami and Orlando …. where we managed to doge the main part of incoming tropical depression “ETA” During […]

Whirlwind delivery

(from this site –   Sometime in 2019, I met a Gentleman in Nashville Tennessee while touring some shops with our ClearCut measuring system, called Duan Coqui. We spent some time looking around his shop and talking about the industry. Our paths crossed a couple more times and in the beginning of 2020 we […]

DEP 600 + 2DSM – Excel Granite & Marble – UK

(from this site –   This week we finalised the installation of a new Turrini Claudio DEP 600 for a customer in Northwich, UK. We have worked with Michael Gilani at Excel Granite & Marble Ltd for many years and he called earlier in the year looking for a solution to provide more consistent […]

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