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Spaulding Stone – MULTIDEP 800 QR2

Shortly after TISE in Las Vegas, January 2020, well …. literally right after … we installed a MultiDep 800 QR, Dual Silo machine at Spaulding Stone in Minnesota.

We had visited the guys there almost a year before, shortly after TISE 2019, at which point they had in place a competitors machine, which was not giving enough water or required clarity, despite it being only installed recently …

we had a particular challenge here, how to get enough water volume (the key for clarity) with exactly 14ft to scrape the bottom of the overhead crane? A dual silo, with a clean water tank gives great settlement volume and plentiful clean water, on demand, with the added benefit of extra sludge ejection.

We did have to ensure that the factory in Verona built the machine to the exact height and even after we carefully measured, checked, double checked and checked again, it was a tense moment when we ran the overhead crane towards the silo for the first time. 3mm was the resulting space …

millimetres to spare

With a shop running a Baca Sawjet, there is always some city water, that is normally absorbed by the daily atmospheric loss, but you don’t want too much. So Micron filters were installed for the spindle feeds on the CNCs in order For them to use the recycled water.

Maintenance is limited to cleaning a filter once per week, adding non corrosive chemical when required (once per week), emptying mud bags when they are full and changing the micron filters around once per week.
A total maintenance time of around 10 minutes per week !

No plates to clean or cloths to change, mud is constantly and automatically ejected according to system operation, without intervention and drained water returned to the loop.

Use all the space but not that much

No need to store tanks full of water or the risk that when you are at your busiest, you will run out of stored water and have to turn to city water. Our clean water tank is simply to give enough on demand volume to the circulating water, not to store it

Crystal clear water

Now, they have fully “automagic” , closed loop system, supplying ALL their machinery and equipment, clean water, virtually no maintenance and in a narrow footprint.

It’s great to work with people like Ryan and Josh and we thank them for their trust in us and Turrini.

Now wouldn’t you like the ease of use and automation of a “proper” on demand system, from a company that specialises in water recycling MACHINES rather than a homemade or “off the shelf” bunch of parts ?

All you need is;

  • Trenches to your dirty water pit
  • A Dirty water pit (or pits) ideally cone shaped in the bottom
  • Pipes to your machines
  • An electrical connection

Oh, and this link

We will take care of the rest !

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