DEP 600 + 2DSM – Excel Granite & Marble – UK

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This week we finalised the installation of a new Turrini Claudio DEP 600 for a customer in Northwich, UK.

We have worked with Michael Gilani at Excel Granite & Marble Ltd for many years and he called earlier in the year looking for a solution to provide more consistent water quality and supply for his recently upgraded machinery.

Like most shops, they had a collection of tanks and pumps and filters that were providing recycled water, but tiresome to manage, expensive to maintain and the resulting quality was poor.

Luckily for Micheal, we had a customer postpone an order just as COVID 19 was causing an impact and he was able to take advantage of a readily available machine !

Installation was typically fast – just 2 hours in fact from truck to ready.

We had to wait a week or so for internal plumbing to be finished, but spent a few hours yesterday testing the machine and training the customer, leaving them now with more water than they will ever need !

The customer has two dirty water pits, into one we place an automatically controlled submerged pump that moves water to the main pit whenever filled.

Into the main pit goes our system controlled pump to fill the silo.

We produce 600 litres of on demand, super clean water, all handled automatically.

The Intermac spindle is further protected by a micron filter so the whole shop is closed loop. No more water bills !

Here is a quick walk around of the machine

There is a reason why Turrini supply 9/10 of the Uk’s major fabricators.

We do this like no-one else in the UK

If you need virtually zero maintenance, super clean water, we are ready to help.

Thank you to Michael and Excel Granite & Marble for your trust in Turrini, we are honoured to be the critical supply in your shop.

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