Wet wet wet

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We’ve had a busy last couple of weeks in North America, with Gerry and I visiting clients and closing orders in Seattle, Paso Robles, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Nashville, Charlotte, Miami and Orlando …. where we managed to doge the main part of incoming tropical depression “ETA”

During an uncertain time here, what is clear is that water is at the forefront of fabricators minds, with a growing number of shops looking to change from time consuming, high maintenance and underperforming systems to our super simple, fully automatic, on demand water recycling machinery.

We are increasing our technical staff and stockholding within North America to match the huge uptick in demand and be able to actively service our fast expanding customer base , more on that in the next weeks.

With 3 machines currently arriving in the USA, one in Jamaica and another two about to leave Italy, with shipments almost every week for the remainder of the year, there is little time to relax for us now but we did have a rare “down day” in the beautiful city of Miami on Sunday … not quite beach weather though …..

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