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We have a wealth of experience in the stone industry in the UK, Europe and Worldwide, in the following;

  • Water recycling system design, specification & installation
  • CNC machine sale, installation and service
  • Direct Fabrication
  • Digital Templating
  • Lifting & Handling equipment
  • CNC tooling
  • Distribution
  • Production management

As the former agent for Breton in the UK until 2018 and having the longest serving national sales manager for Breton in the US as the president of the US divisions, with our International subsidiaries we are connected to all the major players in the industry.

Turrini USA is wholly owned by SIG Inc and is the official partner and importer of Turrini Claudio, with its own US based staff and the fastest growing water recycling and dust collection company in North America.

We also manufacture and distribute our own Clearly ™ water recycling systems and ancillary products.

With Head office in the UK, Distribution, staff and technical services in Charlotte NC, Philadelphia PA, Athens TN and Salt Lake City UT and Las Vegas NV, clients are strongly supported.

Manufacturing for Turrini Claudio in Verona Italy, and Clearly™  in Burto-On-Trent, UK

We also have strong relationships with the other major manufacturers, GMM, Northwood, Intermac, BBM, Thibaut, Prussiani, Omag, CMS, Park, Sasso to name just a few.

Our continually expanding team includes industry personalities and specialists with unparalleled experience and knowledge in their fields.

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Meet the team

Gerry J Van Der Bas
President - North America

CEO and President of the US companies


Doylestown PA, USA

Simon Bradbury
Group Chairman

Global Group Chairman

Burton On Trent UK

Charlotte NC, USA

Emma Bradbury

Group Financial Director


Burton On Trent UK

Tom Bradbury
Operations Director

Operations Director

Burton On Trent UK

Charlotte NC USA

Doug Jackson

Chief Technical Officer


Athens TN, USA

Mark Bourgaize
Service Director

Service Director


Charlotte NC USA

Archie Malkin
Production Manager

Production manager for Clearly™


Burton On Trent UK

Louis Fox
Production Engineer

Clearly™ production specialist


Burton On Trent UK

Andy Stringer
Warehouse Manager

Supply chain and distribution


Burton On Trent UK

Ash Butler
Product development Marketing

Marketing and product development specialist


Burton On Trent UK