Fast, easy, intuitive


After completing your desired layout, Slabsmith exports to your current CNC equipment for immediate programming of your saw, waterjet or saw/jet.


Halved our wasteage

When we first started using Slabsmith we used it just to layout our exotic slabs.

Then we started using Slabsmith for virtually all of our slab layouts and within 6 months we reduced our wastage from 30% to 15%!

Kris Kelough / Premier Surfaces Alpharetta

What an unbelievable sales tool

It is very common for us to get a customer that wants Ubatuba for $35 a square foot. They come to our slab yard and see all the beautiful exotics.
Then we throw a little Slabsmith magic at them and that job suddenly is sold for $70 a square foot.
It happens every day around here.

Miles Crowe / Crowe Custom Countertops

All I can say is, Wow!

Slabsmith works even better then I had hoped.
It’s changing the way we do business.

Barry Brandt / Pyramid Marble & Granite