Cosentino C100 – The King Is Dead…

The famed Cosentino C100 – the king of stone industry conferences – is dead.

But if you’re silently sobbing into your laptop as you read these words…

Questioning what all the hard work is for now there’s no exclusive event invite to work towards… 

Dry your eyes.

Because in 2022, Cosentino has elevated the old C100 event to C.Next.

Cosentino’s C.Next for 2022 was just as sumptuous as its predecessor…

If you’re a stone fabricator aiming for the very top, Cosentino’s C.Next Fabricators Edition conference in Mexico is still absolutely the place to be.

The C.Next event certainly deserves the crown it snatched from its older brother. It remains the exclusive pinnacle of the industry social – I mean, professional! – calendar.

Hosted at the Grand Velas Riviera Maya near Playa del Carmen, the Cosentino event has always offered a formal and informal sneak-peek. Some of the most exciting new technologies set to revolutionize the stone industry are often revealed. And as far as Stone Industry Group is concerned, this year was no different.

Of course, Cosentino commanded the stage. As you’d expect there were plenty of success stories about Cosentino’s Dekton installations and best practices to benefit install teams. And as always there was still ample opportunity for other discussion on the hot topics of the moment.

From supply chain landscapes to adapting to the onward march of digitization in our industry, there was more than enough to cover…

And of course there was plenty to talk about outside of the Cosentino conference too – and more than enough magnificent settings to do so in.

It wasn’t all palms, playas and Piña Coladas… There was work to be done too!

Set against the beautiful backdrop of azure Caribbean seas and white sand beaches, there were certainly worse places to talk shop in the depths of January.

But let’s not forget – it was work.


And what’s the point of an exclusive event, limited to the very top tier of fabricators and associated suppliers if you can’t reap the rewards of your hard work in a location to die for?

C.Next showcased a number of the latest advances in processes and tech that are destined to change how we work with stone.

For our part, Stone Industry Group Chairman Simon Bradbury and Group President Gerry Van Der Bas held up their end… By teasing attendees with a first glimpse at the game-changing dust monitoring technology the Group is bringing to the industry in the very near future.

Trolex’s Air XS is a world first, real-time Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) dust monitor. It’s set to put the power of real time, accurate data in the hands of fabricators around the world, allowing them to combat the deadly risk that silica dust poses to their teams.

And it’s a great pairing with Trolex’s XD One personal dust monitors too. Together they compliment the overall dust monitoring and dust control strategy. Which means fabricators can steal a march on their competitors by blazing a long overdue trail into new territories of fab shop safety.

US fabricators can check out the XD One here… While UK fabricators can have a shufty here.

The Trolex Air XS RCS dust monitor and XD One personal dust monitors are already whipping up a storm…

Everyone in our game knows that dust is a problem. The challenge is in generating accurate data to address and fight it. And that’s exactly what the Trolex Air XS and XD One monitors provide.

But even being at the very top of their game – enough to warrant an invite to C.Next – isn’t enough to get their hands on this powerful tech before anyone else…

Because the Air XS RCS monitor isn’t even available until later in 2022.

But getting to the top of their game did give the top fabricators the very first opportunity to get on the waiting list though. Before anyone else.

And for sure there’s going to be a wait, because interest was immense.

Stone Industry Group President, Gerry Van Der Bas holding sway

The need for exactly this kind of technology in fab shops up and down the country isn’t even in question. Everyone knows the tech is long overdue.

It’s very fitting that the very first hint of it was made at a Cosentino-hosted event. Because innovation and advances are Cosentino’s bread and butter.

But if you’re reading this from anywhere other than the luxurious breakfast bar at a spa resort in Mexico… Still busting every ball towards your invite to C.Next next year, don’t worry…

The advance opportunity the C.Next attendees were given won’t remain exclusive for long.

Because the Stone Industry Group team are moving on from C.Next and prepping for TISE in Vegas, where you too will get the chance to get on that waiting list.

So because you already know that your dust is a killer…

Because you’re committed to ensuring your entire crew is as safe as they possibly can be…

[And because an OSHA fine isn’t exactly high on your wishlist either, right?]

Get yourself over to the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Vegas between 01-03 February 2022. 

Because earning a place at a luxury industry conference might be to die for, but working your countertops certainly isn’t.

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