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Stone Industry Group North America is a cooperative effort between the well established European Stone Industry Group (formerly LPE Group), founded in 2010 owned an operated by Mr. Simon Bradbury as a group of companies with an extensive natural and engineered stone foundation and Mr. Gerry Van Der Bas, an industry veteran and personality in the North American territories.

The company, currently operating out of Delaware and New York, began operations in 2017 as Turrini USA and in 2018 created Stone Industry Group and added Mr. Vanderbas to the organization as President and Managing director.

With the goal of capitalizing on a stellar reputation to understand the practical needs of stone industry businesses,  and drawing on a common true service philosophy the group seeks opportunities offering STRICTLY first class products to the upper tier of serious stone fabrication firms.

We currently represent;

  • Well engineered capital equipment from Turrini Claudio SRL of Villa Franca Verona Italy, a world renowned leader in water recycling and dust collection systems
  • Breton’s full line of Natural & Compound stone plants and machinery including Fabshop capital Equipment from Castello di Godego Italy,  
  • Diamond tooling from Nicolai North America
  • Engineered Lifting, Seaming, and reinforcement products from Omnicubed.
  • ClearCut digital, optical tool measuring for CNC profiles
  • Easy DXF, a super easy way to get a digital DXF file from a hard template

We differentiate ourselves in the market by representing products we know that perform, and we intend to be intimate with them across the board. Rather than simply offering a litany of products with little focus and know how.

It’s a straightforward, caring, holistic and individual approach we take to affect related aspects of the hard surface business, minimizing complication, and maximizing efficiency and flexibility and the bottom line profitability of the businesses we work with. 

Why not work together if you are considering investment in your business?


Digital Optical Tool measurement


World leader in Stone Processing machinery

Nicolai Diamant

High Quality Stone tooling

Omni Cubed

Highest quality handling equipment

Easy DXF

Simple conversion of hard templates to digital files

Turrini Claudio

Industry best Water Recycling and Dust Extraction