Stone Pro Rock Jockey

The Rock Jockey reduces one of the two people needed to move slabs with a lift truck and boom. This includes taking the slab off the truck, placing and removing the slab from a slab rack, placing the slab on any A-Frame or a photo stand.

This product also reduces the opportunity for injury or death caused by the current method, which places a man in the fall zone and can place a man between a stationary object and a moving lift truck. The cost of an injury is huge; the potential for Health and Safety fines or even closing down your operation is real.
Like insurance, you hope you won’t need it, but how much is peace of mind worth? The Rock Jockey is available for a small price for avoiding this danger.

The simple calculation that slab movement will need only one person means that the Rock Jockey will pay for itself very, very quickly !

No more people stood between slabs releasing the clamp
No more guiding swinging slabs
No more people in the danger zone

All operated remotely from the safety of the Fork Lift Truck


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