A dust up down under

Many will know that I have been talking about this for some time now and that it has been a big focus of mine for the last few years, specifically hundreds of dust collectors supplied by us over the last 5 years.

We are actively working on and with technology that can mitigate the exposure to dust to a minimum and warn when those levels become unsafe.

If anyone is in any doubt that things are not going to get more regulated, then read below.

Do I think that engineered stone will be banned ? I doubt it and more importantly i don’t think it should be or indeed needs to be. The technology and working practices already exist to make its fabrication as safe as possible.
The rise of engineered stone has helped our industry grow and put ”stone” in many more peoples homes than ever before.
But I certainly think that much, much tighter regulations will come from this and sooner rather than later. much, much sooner …..

We can help you to get ahead of this, we have the experience, the people and the equipment. (sig.ltd/dust)


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