Record breaking install in Seattle

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After arriving from Jamaican quarantine at 2 am this morning, I was on site at 7 at this customer who had the machine delivered a couple of weeks ago. Once there, within minutes we had the silo stood up and in its correct and final position.

Connecting all the submerged pump pipes etc together is short work and once we had power, we filled the silo in under an hour, while I finished off the remote connection and primed the chemical pumps and ran through the operation with the customer.

By 9:35 we were cycling the system with 80psi, on demand, fully automatic recycled water, having tested everything operational without issue.

I’ll call back tomorrow once they have run some mud through and update with a water quality check !

Thanks to the guys at Unique Stoneworks, Auburn, Seattle WA not only for your business, but your patience this year with the challenges we have had in Italy affecting supply chain and delivery times

We know for 100% certain that you will not be disappointed that you gave Turrini USA the honour of feeding your shop with its life blood …

2:35 to operational
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