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Whirlwind delivery

(from this site –   Sometime in 2019, I met a Gentleman in Nashville Tennessee while touring some shops with our ClearCut measuring system, called Duan Coqui.We spent some time looking around his shop and talking about the industry. Our paths crossed a couple more times and in the beginning of 2020 we spent […]

A DEP 95/350 – SlabTec, Shelby NC

(from this site –   A quick interview of our latest US Install at Slabtec with great credit to our Italian famiglia Turrini in Italy who are still rolling out plants for us through the next several months. Work during unsure times is absolutely the most important work a human can do and it […]

Turrini DEP 600 at Aegean Stoneworks, Orange CA

(from this site –   Yet another customer receiving one of our fully automatic Turrini Claudio Water recycling systems, this time in Orange, California. Some of the images do show that it does in fact rain in California …. This customer realised the benefits that the highest quality, fully automatic and virtually zero maintenance […]

Case Study – Spaulding Stone – MN

(from this site –   Spaulding Stone – MULTIDEP 800 QR2 Shortly after TISE in Las Vegas, January 2020, well …. literally right after … we installed a MultiDep 800 QR, Dual Silo machine at Spaulding Stone in Minnesota. We had visited the guys there almost a year before, shortly after TISE 2019, at […]

New Install – DEP600 – Tennessee

(from this site –   This week we have installed a brand new Turrini Claudio DEP 600 at a customer in Tennessee. As this customer had two existing small dirty water pits, we installed satellite pumps leading back to an above ground, main dirty water tank which feeds the silo. Water is pumped back […]

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