Monthly Archives: November 2020

Record breaking install in Seattle

(from this site –   After arriving from Jamaican quarantine at 2 am this morning, I was on site at 7 at this customer who had the machine delivered a couple of weeks ago. Once there, within minutes we had the silo stood up and in its correct and final position. Connecting all the […]

Threading a needle in Michigan

(from this site –   We often get difficult jobs with many fabricators in the stone industry having limited space, but yesterday was particularly challenging. A small space to begin with made more difficult by the addition of a crane adjacent since our machine was ordered. Thankfully the riggers were brilliant, positive and funny […]

Wet wet wet

(from this site –   We’ve had a busy last couple of weeks in North America, with Gerry and I visiting clients and closing orders in Seattle, Paso Robles, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Nashville, Charlotte, Miami and Orlando …. where we managed to doge the main part of incoming tropical depression “ETA” During […]

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